Teens gaming: Week 7 Post


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Play a video game or watch a young person play a video game for at least half an hour and analyse the learning experiences involved in that game.

My sons play League of Legends, networked with each other and with their friends. Teaming up together, they spend time laughing, scheming and conquering.  Afterwards, they re-live their victories or defeats.  I understand not a word of what they are saying, but here is what I think they get out of it!

Strategic Thinking: sorting out what tasks need to be completed to win the game, as well as the order in which they should be completed.

Spatial Awareness: keeping the map or playing area in their heads, as well as knowing where their team members are.

Memory: remembering each attribute and skill for each character.  Unfortunately this memory skill is not transferable – they can never remember how long they’ve been playing!

Verbal Communication: logged into Skype as well, they can verbally communicate with their team members and critically analyse the opposition’s tactics.

Written Communication: they are able to be understood with very few written words, most of which are truncated and unpublishable!

Cooperation: they must work together to win.

Repetition: in my observation, they need to repeat the same tasks over and over (and over and over and over) again.

Mastery: Each time they play, they get better at the game by learning new tactics.

It’s quite nice to be able to write my perceived positive learning experiences from gaming: the perceived negatives would require a WHOLE OTHER POST:)


2 thoughts on “Teens gaming: Week 7 Post

  1. Hi Nena,

    I’m very video game savvy (my partner obsesses over them so I’ve learnt a lot from him!) and I can’t say I’ve ever heard of League of Legends before- so it’s good to see you’ve chosen to look at a game that is not necessarily ‘the BIG thing’ like Call of Duty or Assassins Creed 🙂

    I like the fact that you have focused on the positives of gaming, rather than taking a negative stance. They may have a lot of downfalls, but a lot of good things, too! I had never really thought of things such as memory and spatial awareness when it comes to video games, but you’re absolutely right- it is surprising just how many different literacy and mathematical skills are required to play a game. If anything, I think it boosts some skills, like map reading, estimation, etc to a greater degree. I know much of what I learnt as a child came directly from gaming and television 🙂 The enjoyability factor cannot be forgotten, either.

    I’m interested to see a game trailer, now! And to see what you consider to be the negatives of gaming 😉

    • Hi Sarah!
      Nice to hear from you. My sons (and husband) are video game nerds, so I am the odd-one out. Years ago, they encouraged me to create a World of Warcraft character (she was an awesome elf with some good-looking gear), but they soon took her off my hands and started playing her themselves. I was just too slow! Many, many years ago, I played ‘Monkey Island’ with my husband. That game was great fun. I will post a video of League of Legends for you…my boys will know the perfect one to use. I’d love to hear about the games you play.

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