Six Males Under Twenty: Week 10 Post

I consider myself fortunate to have six males under the age of twenty under my roof this evening.  After being fed and watered, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to interview them about the texts they like to read, watch and engage with.

Here are the questions:

1.       Tell me about the books you have read in the past month or so.

2.       How did you find out about these books?

3.       Tell me about the television programs you enjoy watching.

4.       Which games do you play on the computer?

5.       Do you watch videos on the internet?  Which ones?

6.       How did you find out about these videos?

7.       What about board games – do you play these?

books just love me


Books just love me by Ardinnnn:)

  18 year old uni student 16 year old Italian international student Two 15 year old boys 11 and 12 year old boys
Books Five Golden Rules


Scientific American magazine

Warhammer rule book

None Wheel of Time

The Black Prism

Skullduggery Pleasant

Artemis Fowl


Television Programs Game of Thrones

Breaking Bad

Top Gear

Teen Wolf

Teletubbies (joking)

Big Bang Theory

The Simpsons

Whatever is on 99Go or ABC3


Computer Games League of Legends



Team Fortress 2



Call of Duty

League of Legends


Diablo 3


Heroes of Newerth

League of Legends

X Com




Internet Videos League of Legends playback



Game playbacks

Trailers of new games


Game playbacks


College Humour

Ryan Higa



Spazzy commentary

How to Basics

Epic Fails

Diamond Minecart

In the Littlewoood


Sky does Minecraft

Board Games Settlers of Catan Monopoly







Dungeons and Dragons

Trading Card Games

Trading Card Games


Dungeons and Dragons




Settlers of Catan

When answering the questions regarding how the boys found out about these texts, most boys relied on recommendations by a friend or family member.  The 18 year old responded that he would never play a computer game without a recommendation from his brothers or a friend.  The 15-and-unders relied on recommendations, as well as searches using Google and YouTube.  The 11 and 12 year olds commented,

‘You look up something like League of Legends playback in You Tube, then after the video you scroll down until you find something interesting.  If you like it, you keep watching the same thing’. 

The 15 year olds were the least serious when answering the questions.  They mentioned Teletubbies (‘Ha, ha.  You are not going to put names to this, are you?’) and Twilight (‘Ha, ha.  Don’t put that down!’).  At the end of the interview, one 15 year old commented, ‘Is the interview finished?  Can you leave my room now (please)?’  Obviously, their mother is not as popular as the texts they engage with (I even put the please in myself)!

The International Student described some videos as ‘Really stupid’.  When asked for clarification, he replied, ‘I mean, not intellectual’.   I am in total agreement with him on this one!

Both the 18 year old and the 15 year olds were apologetic with some of their answers.  A few times during the interview they commented,

‘I’m not sure we represent the typical teenager.’ 

When asked why not, the 15 year olds replied, ‘People outside our group don’t do anything like us…well, actually, some do…’  They thought a little about this comment and then clarified that most people their age don’t engage in the same combination of texts that they do.  When I reflected on this, I concluded that this would be correct.  Generally, people form friendships with others who have very similar interests.  So, boys outside of their friendship group would have a different combination of interests, although some interests would intersect with theirs.

Although I did not ask directly about social media, all boys used Skype, especially when playing computer games with friends.  Only the 18 year old and 16 year old International Student had an active Facebook account.  Not one boy had a Twitter or Instagram account.

I found this exercise to be extremely interesting and loads of fun.  I particularly enjoyed listening to the commentary surrounding some of the answers.  This is a very worthwhile activity for gaining an understanding of the interests of youth, although my 18 year old was skeptical, ‘Is this a sneaky way of finding out what we get up to?’  You’ve got to love it!


2 thoughts on “Six Males Under Twenty: Week 10 Post

  1. Really enjoyed reading the answers provided by your boys! It is interesting to see that Minecraft is very popular with all of them except the 18 year old. In my household Minecraft is very popular with the girls (9 and 12 years old). My 10 year old boy has a Minecraft account too but for some reasons he prefers really repetitive, bloody and stupid (in my opinion!) online flash games like Happy Wheels! I totally agree with you and the Italian international student comment on the stupidity of some videos. My 10 year old introduced me to Tobuscus on YouTube and that tops it all! Tobuscus is qualified by Wikipedia as an “internet personality”, he has a YouTube channel with more than 370 self-made videos. I believe that internet content creator like him are becoming real sensation for their audience even though the content there are producing is very low budget and mainly improvised on the go. It feels to me like a natural progression from bloody, sarcastic and stupid cartoons such as South Park or Family Guy! I personally don’t enjoy these shows but as my 10 year old highlights it’s just that I am too old for that!

    • Ha, ha, ha! There is nothing (or should I say no-one) like our own children to set us straight on what’s hot and what’s not. Reminds me of that saying, ‘The older I get, the younger everyone else seems.’ Thank you for your comment – I have read the latest posts on your blog with great interest and hope to provide some meaningful comments to them soon!

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