The Global Citizen Meets Popular Culture: Resource Page 1

This page contains resources to assist adults and young people recognise the opportunities that exist in popular culture to move from hedonism to activism.  Engaging in popular culture can be viewed as a hedonistic pursuit, which affirms the life and behaviour of a young person: it acts as a mirror.  This mirror can be transformed into a window.  There are many fan sites, which have engaged in activism to alleviate poverty and raise awareness of inequality around the world. The literature surrounding this topic will be explored further in the Week 12 post, beginning with Henry Jenkins’ exploration in his blog Up, Up and Away!: The Power and Potential of Fan Activism.

Others who have written on this subject include Jenny Price, Melissa Scardaville, Melissa Brough and Sangita Shresthova.  The Fanhackers website collates and curates articles on this subject. The fan-activist sites mentioned in these articles, as well as others, are included in this Pinterest board.

the global citizen meets pop culture

As the public’s faith in government and traditional political institutions crumbles, younger generations are taking cues from fictional wizards and TV vampires to take action on behalf of issues or causes they believe in.

Jenny Price

Please comment on this page if you know of any other resources which relate to popular culture and activism.


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